Maintenance Tips

Prepare your home for summer


Your new Marini Home is designed and built to provide many decades of comfortable living. In order to keep your home, its equipment and all other components at peak performance, periodic maintenance is required by you. Regular maintenance will help minimize problems and enhance the enjoyment and value of your home. Here are some things that you should do for the spring/summer season: 


-Check gutters and drainage

-Inspect exterior of home including roof, siding, brick, etc

-Inspect and replace HVAC filters. Clean AC condensers and lines if necessary

-Inspect fire extinguishers and make sure they are not expired

-Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

-Repair or replace damaged window screens

-Inspect plumbing for leaks

-Inspect and test sump pump regularly

-Clean dryer vent and and other exhaust vents

-Inspect landscaping and replace dead plants/shrubs, turn mulch or re-mulch if needed

-Aerate and fertilize grass

-Schedule opening of sprinkler system

-Ensure there is no standing water around property to prevent mosquitoes and other insects

-Check home for signs of insects, ants, termites. Consider hiring pest control to spray around entrances to home

-Clean garage

-Prepare lawnmower, weedwhacker, and other outdoor equipment for the upcoming season, or consult a lawncare professional for a landscape service package



What relative humidity should I maintain in my home?

The key is to be high enough to be comfortable, but low enough to avoid problems associated with mold and condensation. We recommend that you strive to maintain relative humidity around 35%. A small, inexpensive and easy-to-use instrument called a hygrometer can measure the humidity level in your home. You can maintain the right relative humidity in your home by adjusting the power humidifier to a setting that corresponds to the outdoor air temperature; heating your home at 68 to 70 degrees; and running the continuous duty exhaust fan in your main bathroom for a few hours daily (tight homes need proper ventilation to maintain relative humidity).



To submit a warranty claim, please log into Site One below with the credentials that you were provided at your closing or mail your request to Warranty Department,  624 New Loudon Road, Latham, NY  12110 to submit a request for service on your home.  

Site One Services
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Marini Homes is committed to customer satisfaction.  All of us at Marini Homes are honored that you are a member of the Marini family of homeowners.  We work hard to make every home and home building experience special.  Our NEW 2-5-10 year transferrable warranty is one of the best in the business and backed up by a dedicated team that is ready to assist you. Marini Built Quality is an Included feature in all of our homes and all of our communities.

This is only a brief summary. Please refer to your Warranty Booklet for complete details.
  • Defects in materials and workmanship as defined in Construction Quality Standards
  • Garage Doors
  • Flooring
  • HVAC Systems
  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans (covered by manufacturer)
  • Structured and Security wiring
  • Floor pops and squeaks- one time repair (TJI has lifetime mfg warranty)
2 YEAR: 
  • HVAC: ductwork, registers, dampers, water & refrigerant lines
  • Electrical:  electrical outlets, switches, wiring and main service
  • Plumbing:  water supply pipes and fittings, waste and vent pipes, gas and sewer services, gas supply lines and fittings
5 YEAR (for 2-5-10 warranties, refer to your warranty agreement) 
  • Roof leaks due to materials or workmanship
  • Basement or crawl space leaks
  • Defects in electrical main panel, electrical service disconnect, wiring, switches and outlets
  • Plumbing leaks at fixtures, fittings, interior pipes (tarnishing, pitting covered by manufacturer)
  • HVAC: compressor, condenser coil, heat exchanger and thermostat only
  • Breaks in window seals, defects with sash locks
  • Sewer- leaks due to workmanship
6 or 10 YEAR (refer to your warranty agreement): 
Structural Defect is (i) actual physical damage (ii) to only the following designated load-bearing elements of the Home (iii) caused by failure of such load-bearing elements, which affect their load-bearing function (iv) to the extent that the Home becomes unsafe or unsanitary. The following elements, if load-bearing, constitute the designated elements. 1. foundation systems and footings; 2. beams; 3. girders; 4. lintels; 5. columns; 6.walls and partitions; 7. floor systems; and 8. roof framing systems. All four (4) parts of the definition must be satisfied in order for a condition to qualify as a Structural Defect. The definition is substantially the same as that contained in regulations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is designed to be coverage for only catastrophic failure of load-bearing elements of the Home.


Emergency Request
In event of emergency:
During business hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm call 518-869-1200
Outside of business hours: Please refer to your homeowner's manual for contact information

Emergency items are defined as

1. Total loss of heat (only in years 1 and 2 of warranty). If outside the warranty period, please call a qualified heating company

2. Total loss of hot water (only in years 1 and 2 of warranty) If outside the warranty period, please call a qualified plumber

3. Total loss of electricity (only in years 1 thru 5 of warranty) If outside the warranty period, please call a qualified electrician

4. Total loss of water (only in years 1 thru 5 of warranty) If outside the warranty period, please call a qualified plumber

5. Plumbing leak that required the entire water supply to be shut off (only in years 1 thru 5 of warranty)If outside the warranty period, please call a qualified plumber

6. Total sewer stoppage (only in years 1 thru 5 of warranty) If outside the warranty period, please call a qualified plumber.

*If Marini Homes comes to house and the problem is created by a self created sewer drain blockage such as items flushed down toilet, there will be $250.00 service call charge in addition to charges by plumbing company

7. Any situation that endangers the occupants of the home or the home itself (such as fire, a major structural failure, etc). If any occupants of home in danger, please call 911.