Rent To Own

Do you dream of owning a brand new home? We'll help get you there!

Rent To Own

Welcome to the Marini Rent to Own Program. Is your goal to be a homeowner?? We can help. Become part of our Rent to Own program and when it's time to buy your own new Marini Home, we'll apply $500 a month, up to $12,000 toward the purchase of a brand new Marini Home. Start investing in your future today.


This program is designed to help Marini Apartment Communities residents purchase a brand new Marini Home.




  •  A monthly credit of $500 (up to a maximum of 24 months or $12,000) will be accumulated for each full month the resident lives at a Marini Apartment Communities property.

  •  To earn a credit toward the purchase of a brand new Marini Home, the homebuyer must be a current resident named on the lease of a Marini Apartment Communities property

  •  The Apartment Communities property manager will validate the Rent to Own Certificate

  •  Purchaser must present the Rent to Own Certificate to the Marini Homes salesperson at the time of lot hold deposit on the home.

  •  The Rent to Own credit will be made part of the Marini Homes purchase agreement and will be applied towards closing costs or the purchase of options and upgrades.

  •  No buyers broker will be allowed in conjunction with this program

  •  No monthly credit will be allowed for late rent payments or breached leases.

  •  There is no cash value accrued to the Lessee and Certificate is not transferrable.

  •  Certificate value valid only purchase of a new home is made within 90 days of the issuance of the certificate.

Rent To Own

Qualified credits are accrued for on-time rent payments only. Late rent payments do not qualify for the monthly credit.