The "THIS IS IT" Kind of Home
For over 75 years, the name Marini has been a symbol of excellence in neighborhood design and homebuilding. The RM collection stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting distinctive homes in unique locations. Each property in this signature collection reflects our dedication to creating unique and exceptional living spaces.
High Design
At the core of our philosophy lies a fundamental principle: architectural quality both inside and out. As trends and lifestyles continue to evolve, we take personal involvement in every step of the design process, ensuring excellence from the drafting board and site plan layout to the award-winning selection of interior materials and colors. Our esteemed team of nationally renowned Architects and Interior Designers collaborate passionately to create a distinctive character that prioritizes quality over quantity, making the RM Collection truly exceptional.
Superior Materials
Consider a home's architecture as its foundation, while its essence and vitality emanate from the meticulous curation of materials and finishes. We spare no effort in crafting living spaces that exude excellence, handpicking top-grade cabinetry, millwork, appliances, lighting, flooring, and outdoor finishes.

With utmost care, our team oversees the selection process, ensuring that every chosen element complements these high-quality homes flawlessly.
Quality Construction
The homes in the RM Collection are engineered to stand the test of time, surpassing lifetimes. Each residence is meticulously constructed, leaving no detail unattended and featuring premium materials chosen for their beauty and long-lasting durability. Our dedicated Project Managers diligently supervise our experienced team of suppliers and tradesmen, ensuring a solid and enduring construction process. These RM Collection homes are not only crafted to captivate with their present-day beauty but also to create a cherished family legacy that will endure far into the future.

Saratoga Lake
Priced From:
  • 4 BR
  • 5 BA
  • 2 CAR
  • 3,527 sqft
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Saratoga Springs
Priced From:
  • 5 BR
  • 4 BA
  • 2 CAR
  • 2,630 sqft
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For over 75 years, we have dedicated ourselves
to creating homes of exceptional quality. We
deeply comprehend that it's not just a house;
it's where your heart finds its home.